Quick and responsive service, he offered several designs to test the preferences of the customer and developed the site accordingly. Very quick service and excellent value for money. Really exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the completed work it also was completed 8 days early. Thank you very much for great work, hope to deal with you again.
Bay Massey
Go's to all ends to ensure the work is done to complete satisfaction. Will work with this provider repeatedly and recommend without hesitation.
Leap India
Manoj at Nayapixel Designs is a gem. I spent two months on several freelance websites trying to find someone to build a custom website and was about to give up. Finding this Nayapixel made ALL the difference to my project and Manoj is also patient! And that is a great quality too, lol. This designer is skilled and has a true artist eye and great sense of design. Highly Recommend all the way around.
The Ocean Buddhist
I was really happy with Nayapixel, my site looks great and I've received many compliments from clients on it. Service was fast and professional.
I have made the fortunate acquaintance of Manoj at Nayapixel Designs and I hope you do too. He goes beyond what is asked with a genuine spirit of professionalism and helpfulness. I have been very happy on the two occasions he worked with me, and we are now on our third project. I recommend him highly!
Anita Shirreffs
Manoj is Magic! He read my mind on the artistic side, his turnaround time is incredible and skills are top notch! First class experience and service. Thank you!
Stephen Smith
Manoj did a wonderful job with this project. His communication, abilities, and professionalism really makes him standout. I will work with Manoj again when I have more projects to request. You should really consider Manoj for your project as I am sure he will do a great job.
Byrne Web Designs
Very talented designer having amazing creativity skills. Thorough to details and prompt at communication. Will definitely work with you again!
Zigmas Losunovas
I had pleasure to work with this extremely talented freelancer and can't recommend him highly enough to anyone willing great attention to details, creativity and outstanding technical skills for your project. Manoj's skills and prompt communication exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to work with you again!
Zigmas Losunovas
Manoj is the BEST WordPress Developer I have ever worked with. The communication from Manoj was daily (usually multiple updates a day) and his pride in his work is evident. All of my listed issues were fixed in full and he even found a few issues I didn't know about that he fixed as well. It's rare to find someone that goes above and beyond and even more rare to find a developer on Guru that delivers on time, with full communication and accurate / proper fixes. Manoj is my go to developer for WordPress from here on out.
Jeff Piper
I appreciate good coding skill as well as communication. We have made lot of iterations and the final product is what I wanted. Thanks
Red Square
Manoj did an excellent work with this project. He proved to be efficient and skilled. Communication was also great. I can recommend anyone who needs help with CSS and programming to hire Manoj.
Gusty AB
Manoj is fantastic. I will use his services again in the future. He is very responsive and technically sound
Oliver Gagnon